Get thin – for Good


Get thin

The ups and downs of yo-yo dieting may lead to health problems. Get thin means permanent weight loss should be your goal.

Just about everyone has been on a diet at one time or another, and millions of us have learned that the weight we lose is all too easily regained. Still, despite our frustration, few question the wisdom of dietingg. After all, we reason, the worst that can happen is that we'll regain the weight we've lost – in which case.

We can simply go on a diet again.

But some new research suggests there is a risk; yo-yo dieting may seriously distort the body's weight regulation system. The more diets you go on, the harder it may become too lose weight. Even worse, new evidence indicates that repeated cycles of losing and gaining may rise the risk of heart problems.

This last prospective especially unsettling. As part of a 25 year study that tracked 1959 men research at the university of Texas school of public health in Houston reported in March 1987 that the men showing large up and down weight swings had twice the risk of ordinary hart diseases as those with only small changes in weight. 


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