Website Registration / Domain Registration

domainWebsite registration means selecting and registering one unique keyword for your website. It is significant to have one exclusive website name to be registered for your business or organization. There are generic and country specific TLDs (Top Level Domains). Registering domain name is a simple procedure.

Search the desired name in the domain registry.
Check the availability of the name (Domain)
Once the name is chosen, register the domain with the following credentials.

Address with Pin Code or Zip Code
Telephone Number
Active email address

The domain registration period is up to you. You can register a domain for from 1 year up to 10 Years. Generally there is no special discounts or special rates in purchasing a domain for more than a year but in most of the search engines consider the domain expiry date as the credibility of the company.

There will be a registration charge. The complete procedure can be finished in less than 5 minutes. Either you can do it from itself or we will assist you or we will do it for you.

The competition is growing in every sphere, thus on one occasion your domain name might fade away really fast. Don’t be delayed.

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